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Reshaping the Future of Publishing
Luxury Book Launches and Leadership Retreats

Are you BOLD in business?
An innovator, futurist, changemaker, leader, visionary, educator -

someone who knows they are
can make a difference?

Soul Essence International Publishing Press has a united vision to support and serve authors by creating engaging books written by thought leaders, business owners, industry experts, futurists, innovators, educators, consultants, and speakers.

It is our mission to brings books to fruition that will enhance the life experience of readers, making a meaningful difference in the world, creating growth, change and impact through the authors story via the art of storytelling. At Soul Essence International, we work from the heart, with soul, purpose and intent and our authors do to. We are on a mission to serve you and champion you in bringing your story to full light as we honour the journey of your book. 


We know how words can create impact and quantum shifts.  We understand how writing your words down and gifting them to the world, bringing them to the table, orchestrates to the world who you are. You are honouring yourself and serving others through story in an epic, iconic way. 

Your story, your book, builds your BRANDING and EMPIRE. Business cards get thrown away, books get passed on.


Through story, be the ICON YOU are meant to be.

LEAD with SOUL ✨ Where your journey begins

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We are delighted to work in partnership with Eileen Bild from the OTEL Universe
and Heather Burgett from PR Stars
eileen updated image.jpg

We are honoured to be working in partnership with US based Eileen Bild from the dynamic, award winning OTEL Universe. Eileen, along with husband Trevor, believe the OTEL Universe is a platform where we can share our passions, visions and dreams. It is a universal voice that uplifts and inspires, offering motivation for success.

We are also delighted to be working in partnership with US based Heather Burgett the PR and visibility expert

I’m excited to share that two people I admire are bringing their 40+ years of experience to YOU! Award-winning publicist & visibility expert Heather Burgett is teaming up with top global speaker Christopher Kai (the “Billionaire Networker”) to co-host a one-day LIVE in-person training in Santa Monica, California! (Don’t worry, If you can’t be there in-person, there are also virtual tickets available.)


If you've ever wanted to:
- Get paid to speak your message
- Be 65% more effective as a communicator
- Earn $20k from one speech

- Generate $100k in one day

- Inspire the world with your story

Then this event is for YOU!

This one-day LIVE training features incredible done-with-you activities that will help you accelerate your authority, reach your ideal audience AND generate more revenue! Contact Heather for more details.

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