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Stirring the Soul, through Story

Have you ever felt that stirring in your belly?

We are delighted to share with you our exclusive invite to share your story in an interview and book collaboration.

Do you have a story that stirs the soul?
Are you willing to share it?

Storytelling is an ancient sacred art form.
It is not an everyday conversation.

Storytelling is connecting to one with our SELF.
Storytelling touches our hearts and stirs our souls with every word spoken. Storytelling allows us to define and accept our strengths and weaknesses, and to celebrate our awakenings and wisdoms.

It is our GIFT to the world.

What we are looking for:

 8 women only who are disruptors, executives, change makers, innovators, educators, leaders, entrepreneurs, futurists – yet are so much more than their titles.

8 women who can share their story in 8 minutes.

How this will work:

Interviews will be held June 2024. You will be asked to share who you are and how you got to be where you are today. You will need to be able to share your story clearly with intent and purpose creating a takeaway message for the listener.

Each story will also be placed in a collaborative book to be released September 2024 

By application only.

Please note this is a paid partnership.

We cannot wait to go on this journey with you.

Let’s Work Together

Thanks for submitting!
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