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Now taking expression of interests for our  April 2025 retreat
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 Leadership Retreat
Connect   Inspire 

Do you LEAD with SOUL?

Are you ready to be BOLD? Step out of your comfort zone?

To connect, inspire and further your credibility,

visibility and leadership?

Soul Essence International is excited to be holding another retreat, collaborative book project and branding shoot in partnership with Holly Holland - #1 International best selling author and international photographic phenomenon Stefanie Blue from San Diego US.

Expressions of Interest are now open to join to be a part of this collection and retreat. We  exclusively invite 8 only to participate in this journey with us.

Please only fill out the following form below if you are willing to write a chapter in a book, have a branding shoot and are willing to INVEST in yourself.

Leaders from across the globe are asked to write about a life-changing promise they made to themselves, and how that promise became the light that illuminated their journey, paving the road to fulfilling their aspirations.

Being a part of this unique collaboration transforms you and your business and increases your influence, opening doors to further innovative opportunities for your business and highlights your career.

You as the authors, will have the opportunity to create new connections, be invited to speak at events, and be featured in magazines, on podcasts, and across media in all its forms.

This is not for the faint hearted and if you are not ready to back you and your business financially then we are not for you. It is a financial commitment.

How this will work:

Each author will be asked to provide 3,500 -  5000 words about their journey – the good, the bad and the ugly, and how they rose above the naysayers to be the kick ass leader you are today.

Each written story will be professionally edited by a copywriter, proofread, and formatted beautifully before printing production.

Each author will receive 5 softcover copies of the book.

Each participant will have an exclusive photo shoot.

And best of all, we will celebrate each other, our successes and future generations at a book launch and leadership networking event over 4 days - LEADERS LEADING LEADERS.

This retreat will be full of learning from each other, making new connections and friendships - networking like no other. 

Contact us now for a chat or fill out the form below.

Applications close September 20, 2024.

click on the following to express your interest.

We cannot wait to meet you.

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