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No more excuses. Write and Publish your Soul story TODAY

There are two ways you can learn the art of successful book publishing.

You can try and publish yourself - with or without guidance. There are many books and helpers out there and they have great systems IF you do it their way. 


The reality is that only 6% of people that attend those courses or read those books ever become a published author.

Or You can -

Join a community of successful authors who have been where you are and are now where you want to be.

We are Australia’s leading book mentors and publishers. We are the first choice for coaches, speakers, practitioners, professionals, entrepreneurs, futurists, disruptors, innovators and business owners who want to write a high quality book fast without the hassles of trying to navigate the whole writing and publishing minefield.

Our point of difference is that Soul Essence International is cutting edge Independent publishing, catering for those who want to step up within their own business and life. It is for those who are tuned into their soul purpose, are ready to invest in themselves and will stop at nothing to succeed.


We provide packages that include all the mentoring, content structure, editing, layout, publishing, Amazon upload and eBook, pre-launch, and marketing guidance that you need and want. Packages are tailored to meet your needs. We also give group support in a private, author only group.




Contact us to arrange a chat

In just 30 minutes, you will walk away with crystal clear clarity on the exact steps you need to take, with all the path laid out in front of you to write, publish and leverage your book to dominate your industry and set your business on a path of exponential growth.

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