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Mindset Course for Successful Authorship
Mindset Course for Successful Authorship is an intensive 6-week course. It doesn't matter if you are writing a piece of fiction or your business story, the course is about finding who you are as a writer and overcoming self-sabotaging obstacles. Quick results that will get you where you want to go.
Week 1: Finding your grit. Self-belief and affirmations.
Week 2: Where do I begin? Knowing your why. 100%.
Week 3: Negative and Positive Mindsets. Which one are you?
Week 4: Mindset challenges. Kicking the Fear Monster.
Week 5: Where do I find the content? Mindmapping your ideas.
Week 6: Setting S.M.A.R.T goals for long term success.
When you enrol in this course you will receive
a complimentary book -
No Excuses: Your Guide to Successful Authorship.
​You will also receive an introductory
video and weekly zoom meetings. Tasks
will be set for you each week. As with all we do, you 
get out of it what you put in. 
Please contact us if you'd like to chat about it.
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