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Our story

At Soul Essence International Publishing we are very proud, humbled and  blessed  to be able to do what we do. To be able to work with soul, purpose, and integrity every day is truly amazing.


What is even more amazing are those we work with. It’s teamwork, collaboration, and the magic we weave together as a soul-led community is mind blowing.


We are a rapidly growing global media and publishing company who celebrates you, us - all of us who have not only transformed our lives but the lives of others with purpose, passion, and intent.


Lead with Soul is our magazine that has grown out of love for what we do and those we have worked with. It is for leaders, visionaries, disruptors, who are leading not only from their heart space, but deep down in the ethereal, the essence of their being. We welcome you and celebrate you.

My Vision and Mission



Stories have always been a part of my life from sitting on my granddad’s knee to discussing the power of story as an educator to now being a publisher of story. Stories connected me not only to myself but to others bringing with them hope, inspiration, and much needed insight to and for the reader.


The stories we share here at Lead with Soul allow us to look behind the curtains of the people who shine the light for others. We dive into what has been their biggest triumphs and struggles and their best advice for anyone wanting to follow their dreams, in life or business. We love supporting people who spread kindness and gratitude and love and empathy and who shine the light for others by unmuting their voice. Their stories are real, raw, honest, and impactful - totally disruptive.


My vision is to create a platform, to find the inspiration, motivation, empowerment, and kick-ass advice that will propel you to the next level. My mission for Lead with Soul is by 2025 is to have shared 1 million stories to ignite the conversations for people to find and follow their passion.  We will be sharing only the real, raw truths with our readers, followers, and community on all our platforms.


Lead with Soul will feature across all social media channels, is within a content-rich website,  YouTube channel, TV show, co-authored books, or your own book.

We have several packages available for you. Whether you want to place a single advertisement, a one page feature, through to all with our premium packages. 


We look forward to partnering with you.

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