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Dr Nupi Arora

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Dr Nupi Arora is an experienced General Practitioner (Family Physician) in the UK, with a career in medicine spanning over two decades.

For the most, she has been based in an inner-city practice with specialist lead roles in Child Safeguarding, Domestic abuse, Trauma Informed Care and Deprivation Medicine.

She is also a Spiritual and Transformation Life Coach, Author and Public Speaker, hosts two regular LinkedIn live shows and energises those around her with her contagious enthusiasm, zest for life and authentic nature. She is also on the cover of LEAD with SOUL magazine  and is featured inside.

Dr. Nupi empowers her patients and clients to realign and replenish their whole self-health needs with her F List, a framework inspired & developed from her own experience & recovery from burnout over a decade ago and has shared ever
since, the evidence based skills & techniques fundamental to her own healing & recovery as the core foundation to health & wellbeing.

This, along with her medical experience underpins her whole person heart centred approach ... one that is inclusive, compassionate & has inspired hope, healing and transformation.


Nothing lights her up more than seeing the sparkle of energy return to someone’s eyes, or feeling the light, fizz and spark of energy radiating from within as they reconnect and rebalance their whole self health needs ... mind body & soul.

Dr Nupur Arora

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