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The Process
Who We Serve

Leaders who are ready to publish

CEO's who inspire their tribe

Entrepreneurs who are disrupting their industry


We Can Write Your Book

Yes, really.

We are flexible. If you need help with the heavy lifting, we can handle that.

In fact, we can interview you, take down your brilliant ideas, and WE can write the book with your input or our ghostwriters will write your masterpiece for you.

You can go from having the ideas stuck in your head to holding your published book in your hands without having to stress over writing every word.

You will never struggle with staring at a blank screen wondering what to write. We are the cure to your writer’s block.

Already have some chapters written? Great! We take everything you’ve already created, and then we will integrate it into your book.

Your ideas will finally be shared with the world.

We find it joyful to create luxury crafted coffee table books.

If this is something you are looking at doing for an event or corporate celebration please contact us for a consultation. 

Luxury Coffee Table Books


Our Mentorship program

You have the idea and want to write your story, your book, yourself?

We mentor you every step of the way. From your idea through to producing chapters to you writing THE END!

With monthly zooms to keep your mind positive and moving forward, together we can produce your book in 6-9 months. 

Design & Publish

Publishing is evolving all the time.

That’s why Soul Essence International will always stay ahead of the trends for publishing.

And, I only handpick the best.

From cover designs to editing, we execute every step of the process with creativity and excellence. We are the cutting edge publisher for you.

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